Caramelised Banana and Date Pudding

We Victorians really enjoy our puddings, probably because of our European climate they are a welcome treat, and none more popular than the devilish sticky date, the dates in Australia are excellent, the Medjool are my favourite, fat and juicy with rich caramel flavours paired with the unique finger bananas make for a satisfying finish to any meal. These puddings are best cooked in a shallow mould the same length as the finger bananas so there is an even distribution of caramelised banana to pudding.
Caramelised Banana and Date Pudding

Ingredients and Methods


-    75g butter
-    175g sugar
-    175g dates
-    1 tbs bi-carb
-    30g flour (extra)
-    275ml water (boiling)
-    1 tsp vanilla
-    1 egg beaten
-    1 tbs baking powder
-    225g flour
-    1 banana (mashed) (90g)
Caramelised Bananas:

-    x6 monkey finger bananas
-    50g butter
-    140g sugar
-    Toffy sauce – see basics


1.    Cream butter and sugar till white and fluffy.
2.    Chop dates & place in a heat proof bowl with bi-carb and extra flour, toss to coat.
3.    Bring water and vanilla to the boil, pour over dates and stir to combine, cool slightly.
4.    Add dates to butter mixture, add beaten egg, sifted flour & baking powder.
5.    Fold in mashed banana & allow to rest for 20 minutes
6.    Peel bananas & place a heavy based pan on the stove.
7.    Evenly sprinkle sugar over base of pan, once melted & the sugar begins to caramelise add bananas and stir to coat the bananas
8.    Add butter and continue to stir the bananas until soft & caramelised.
9.    Grease 10x6cm small loaf tins and place a banana and some caramel in each tin, fill tin ¾ full with pudding mixture.
10.    Bake at 145 degrees approx. 25mins, until a skewer comes out clean.
11.    Turn puddings out immediately, coat with toffee sauce & serve with vanilla ice cream

Cook's Note:

We serve this at the restaurant with a slice of vanilla parfait but equally good with freshly churned ice-cream.

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